5 Ideas for Halloween Décor and Food

Girl looking into carved pumpkin

It’s almost here…the spookiest time of year! If you’re planning a Halloween celebration, you know how important the right decorations and food are to setting a spirited mood. Let these ideas give you some inspiration to make the most of your poolscape.

Give Your Pool a Haunting Hue

You can have your pool play a central role in your Halloween décor just by changing its shade. Whether it’s blood red, jack-o-lantern orange or swampy green, adding pool dye to the water is fun and eye-catching. Alternatively, you can replace your white pool lights with colored ones for a dramatic effect.

Find Some Frightful Floaters

Make your guests do a double take by placing a few unexpected swimmers in the pool. Deck out a plastic skeleton in sunglasses, a bathing suit or even a pirate hat and set it on a pool float to chill out in the water. If you have any other pool-worthy scary characters, such as plastic zombies, ghosts or spiders, let them join the fun, too.

A Jack (-o-Lantern) of All Trades

Jack-o-lanterns are a staple of any Halloween décor. One fun idea is to place glow sticks in the bottom of plastic jack-o-lanterns and float them on your pool’s surface. Or, add a few inflatable ones around the pool and patio area. You could even have a pumpkin-carving contest during your soiree and display the finished creations around the pool’s edge.

Punch Up the Fun

Every Halloween party needs a signature punch. This rum-based Halloween Pumpkin Punch, calls for a few simple ingredients, while Sparkling Spiked Jolly Rancher Punch will remind guests of a favorite childhood candy. Both punches can be served out of plastic pumpkin.

Need kid-friendly punch? The alcohol-free Sherbet Punch is a classic, slime-green favorite! Serve it from a witch’s cauldron to make it extra spooky.

A Dip They’ll Be Goblin Up!

You can serve chips and dip at any event, but your Halloween party calls for something special! Goblin Dip and Bone Crackers is a creative take on traditional Tex-Mex fare. Both yummy recipes are easy to make and the perfect way to carry through the fun, creepy theme of your party.

Do you have any fun Halloween party ideas to add to the list? Let us know your ideas for decorations and recipes in the comments below!