Five Reasons to be Thankful For Your Pool

Couple gazing out over their poolscape

Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude and provides us with an opportunity to reflect on all the wonderful things that we have in our lives. For pool owners, that’s even easier to do, given all the benefits we receive from our backyard retreat. From family parties to a place to workout or relax, your pool offers the perfect backdrop for so many of life’s most special moments.

Here are the five reasons we’re thankful for our pool:

The Zen Experience

There aren’t many places more peaceful than those near water. The effect is so soothing: the gentle rushing sounds; the look of ripples as they spread across the surface; the feel of refreshing water against your skin. Swimming and floating also enable you to experience a form of weightlessness. Pressure is taken off your joints, allowing you to relax and ease any tensions from your day.

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A Water Gym

Your pool doesn’t necessarily have to be all about relaxation. It also provides the perfect workout space, a veritable water gymnasium. You can swim, float, paddle, do water aerobics and pretty much benefit from any movement that can be aided by buoyancy. And, maybe best of all, there’s no sweat involved! What’s not to love?

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Entertainment Space

Every time you see one of those house-hunting shows, people express their desire for entertaining “space.” And, it doesn’t get much better than when that space is a swimming pool! Swimming pools are built for making memories with family and friends. A pool is a wonderful place to be quiet or loud, to play, to celebrate and to host gatherings or even competitions. There’s really nothing like building up a lifetime of meaningful moments, right in the comfort of your own backyard.

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A School Like No Other

The swimming pool is also a great place to learn and have fun at the same time. Sure, there are the obvious swimming lessons, which build an invaluable skill. But then there are the more stealthy lessons, like math and science concepts such as empty/full, shallow/deep and heavy/light that can be learned with toys and measuring cups, while toys that spray water teach lessons about distance and force. With a little creativity, there are many fun lessons to be taught.

An Unplugged Zone

If you’re looking to escape to an electronics-free sanctuary for a bit, your swimming pool provides the perfect environment. A pool draws together people of all ages and typically keeps phones and other digital devices away because water and phones don’t mix well. Conversations happen more naturally, and clowning around is the order of the day. Take time to play in the pool and enjoy the company of others, without the use of your phone!

What makes you thankful for your pool? We’d love to hear your thoughts!