Questions Every Pool Owner Should Ask the Pros

Questions Every Pool Owner Should Ask the Pros | poolfyi.com

The relationship you have with your local pool professional and the knowledge they can share with you are important in extending the life of your pool and helping you get the most out of your investment. Whether you’re considering installing a pool, you’re a relatively new pool owner, or you’ve been enjoying your pool for years, here are some questions that trustworthy pool professionals should be able to answer.

What type and size of pool are best for my situation?

Before installation, your pool expert should be asking you as many questions as you are asking them. And based on what they know about you, they probably have a good idea of what pool will fit you and your family best. They should also be willing to come to your home to look at your backyard. If they’re truly interested in earning your business, they need to be sensitive about the finances you have available for this project and your hopes and dreams for your summertime oasis.  

How much should I budget for annual maintenance?

Realize that no two pools are the same, and no two summers are the same. The weather, amount of use your pool gets, and type and size of your pool will impact your budget each year. A trustworthy professional won’t be able to give you an exact figure, but they should have the expertise to be able to predict a reasonable range for equipment, chemicals, and other expenses that can be expected in a typical year.

Can you give me some references from other pool owners in my area?

Installing a pool is a significant investment! It has the potential to positively impact your home, your lifestyle, and your free time. Before you commit to a pool installer, talk to other customers in your area. Make sure that the professional you select is well-respected, responsive, budget conscious, and knowledgeable. If you’ve become dissatisfied with the service from your pro after you’ve installed, ask around to find someone other people trust to help maintain their pools.

Why is my pool water so … (strange color, cloudy, etc.)?

Your pool professional needs to be someone you can turn to in your hour of urgent need, as well as when you have typical questions. Some issues with your water can be addressed quickly and resolved within a few days. Other times, it may take some patience and a few trips to bring water samples to the store to get everything balanced correctly. If your pro can’t give you a reasonable explanation for why you may be having challenges with your pool, perhaps it’s time to look for someone with more expertise.

Do you do house calls?

A pool that is installed correctly, balanced properly, and used regularly should give you years of enjoyment with few issues. However, things out of your control can happen. Find out if your pool expert is willing to come to your home if something out of the ordinary is happening. If you’re a loyal and responsible customer, you won’t ask for a house call unless there’s a significant problem. A reputable professional should be willing to make a visit to see if he can diagnose the issue and set a course for correction.

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These are some really great questions to ask your pool professional, however as you mentioned not all pools are created equal, thus not all pool professionals are created equal as well.
So some of the first things the customer should know is how the industry determines how to balance water. Most customers do not know or care as long as they have no Algae in the pool. This is bad to assume that the pool professional that was hired knows water balance as well....he may be winging it as well...and I turely hate to say that.

The truth is no consumer should hire any Pool Professional if they cannot provide that consumer with proof of education.......and that my friend is the biggest question that should be asked of My Profession.

As you have figured out that I am a Pool Contractor, Build, Repair, Remodel and Service. Service and upgrades to equipment is our expertise. We do our best to follow the LSI index for water chemistry while fighting all outside elements that get into our pools. We can show any customer our education at anytime with certifications we receive every year.

It always amazes me that a consumer will spend big money on a pool and backyard oasis but they want the cheapest guy to service their investment. Most are not concerned with the education of that service company....

Sorry to ramble...just my two cents

James Henry
Clear Blue Pools

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